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Ever noticed how people from Spain usually talk about their own region rather than the country as a whole? It’s because Spain is a very diverse country and the geography, landscape, climate and even the language changes from region to region. It’s part of what makes a trip here so exciting. Sometimes clients think they have to choose one part of Spain to visit. But they’re wrong! They don’t have to choose between the the gastronomy, winery and pilgrimage trips in the North, the Moorish architecture, sherry tastings and skiing in the South and the Dalí, Gaudí, paella and Calatrava sights of the North East and East. They can have it all!

Being a Spain-based company, we have first-hand knowledge of the Spanish terrain (and thanks to some extensive research trips now in Portugal also), and have honed our travel planning skills so we’ve always been able to produce some really interesting trips. And lately, because travelling into and across this country (and Portugal) has become more accessible than ever, we are producing some really amazing itineraries that have us beaming with satisfaction.


Totally Spain 2014 Creative itineraries Cordoba

An inexpensive direct flight will now take you from the Camino in Galicia to the Moorish architecture in the South.  The Roman bridge at Cordoba… Photo credit: Psicoloco via photopin cc

Not only are the regional airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair making it easier to arrive into regional locations but the increased competition internally within Spain means that flying domestically has become much cheaper and it has really opened up the country. So now we really can prepare trips to the four corners of Iberia.

Totally Spain 2014 Creative itineraries airline routes

With many new airlines flying into new destinations, you really can travel the four corners. Photo credit: Tamara van Molken via photopin cc

For an example of what we’re talking about, we’ve just planned a trip for a group who want to walk the Camino de Santiago for a week and then fly (inexpensively with Ryanair) from Santiago direct to Seville for a week touring Seville, Cordoba & Granada. Before it would have taken a day or two overland or it would have been prohibitively expensive to fly.

Totally Spain 2014 creative itineraries high-speed AVE train

Sightsee while you travel at high-speed. This was taken on the Madrid to Seville AVE train. Photo credit: Cris Valencia via photopin cc

In addition to these improved airlinks, we’re also making great use of the amazing high-speed train network that connects a growing number of cities each year. The latest route connects Madrid and Barcelona with Paris and a number of other French cities such as Avignon and Marseille! And although we often forget to mention it, driving in Spain is a cinch, with excellent road networks – making it easier than ever for you and your fellow travellers to get around.

Totally Spain 2014 creative itineraries roads and bridges

Driving can be fun in Spain too. Here’s the red bridge you drive on to get to the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Photo credit: taniwha via photopin cc

So there you have it! It’s never been easier to access the regions and criss-cross the country. But don’t take our word for it – put us to the test! If you liked what we’ve blogged about in Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria but also fancy seeing Andalusia, let us know. If food markets make your day, and you want to see some of our favourites – we’ll get you seamlessly from city to city. And if you want to see some or all of our 14 Hidden Spanish Gems, it’s never been easier to take them in.

Totally Spain 2014 creative itineraries Camino de Santiago

It’s getting easier and easier to get you where you want to be. Photo credit: AlexGroundwater via photopin cc



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