Do Something Out of the Ordinary in 2014 with our Really Creative Spanish Itineraries

Totally Spain 2014 creative itineraries Camino de Santiago

Ever noticed how people from Spain usually talk about their own region rather than the country as a whole? It’s because Spain is a very diverse country and the geography, landscape, climate and even the language changes from region to region. It’s part of what makes a trip here so exciting.

But because of the [...]

Totally Spain’s Ultimate Guide to Spanish Tortilla – Sampling & Making the Perfect Potato Omelette

omelet omelette tortilla patata patatas

Potatoes and eggs are all you need for this most delicious of snacks

If you’ve ever been to Spain you’ll know just how popular the Spanish omelette or ‘tortilla de patata‘ is. The humble dish of eggs and fried potatoes is an year-long staple in homes, bars and restaurants. Its providence is not clear [...]

Amazing Spanish Food Markets to Visit in 2014

markets spain 2014 vegetables

A selection of vegetables in season at a market stall in Spain

Every time we visit a Spanish city we always try to visit its food market or ‘mercado’ in Spanish. Here in Spain, every town has a market and cities will often have two or three. You could argue that the heart of [...]

Return Holiday to Spain in 2014? Don’t overlook these 14 Hidden Spanish Sights

14 lesser known gems Spain 2014

Considering your travel plans for 2014?

Time to go back to Spain? If you are thinking about another Spain vacation for 2014, we have 14 remarkable Hidden Spanish Sights we believe will knock your socks off. All are well known by the Spanish but amazingly, they don’t seem to get the attention internationally they [...]

Spain’s Top 10 Attractions to Visit in 2014 – on Video

Top 10 Monuments Spain 2014

Planning your Spain vacation for 2014? We have Spain’s top 10 most visited monuments and attractions to tempt you in video-format. Why video? Well – if a picture paints a thousand words, a great video with a moving soundtrack, does that and so much more.

Our favourite place of the top 10 most visited Spain [...]

Rural Charm, Excellent Seafood & Unspoilt Beaches in Asturias

rural charm unspoilt beauty Asturias

Cadavedo beach, Asturias

We’re just back from a few days touring the Asturias coast with a large group. It’s always a pleasure for us to spend some time there and this was no exception. This time we based ourselves in a village called Cadavedo on the Galician side of Asturias on the coast and [...]

Totally A Coruña by John Barlow – Writer & Resident

John Barlow A Coruna Squeal Crystal city

John Barlow is the author of Everything But The Squeal – which documents Galicia’s love-affair with the pig

We meet some great people in our line of business and we’ve asked a few of these colourful characters to guestblog for us over the coming months. First in the gallows is Galician-based writer and pig-lover [...]

Honeymoon in the Paradores of Northern Spain

honeymoon parador baiona galicia northern spain

Michael & Niamh on the big day

We’ve just been contacted by a very happy honeymoon couple who wanted to thank us at and the Parador of Baiona for a wonderful experience. Michael told us – in his own words – how he found love, how he found us and how much he [...]

Sea Glass Collecting in Spain 2013


We’ve worked in the travel business for many years and have long realised that people travel for very different reasons. We’ve recently prepared a package for a couple collecting sea glass. It wasn’t an activity we were familiar with. But there’s a whole world of people out there – walking the beaches, collecting the glass [...]

The best way to Holiday in Northern Spain in 2013

Beach Ribadedeva Swimming Northern Spain Franca

Small islands by the Franca beach by the village of Ribadedeva, Cantabria. Photo credit: guillenperez via photopin cc

Everybody – from international chefs to the humble pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago – is raving about the North of Spain. But with so much on offer – what’s the best way to see this [...]