Totally Spain’s Guide to the Best Walled Towns in Spain

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We are huge fans of a busy city break or a long weekend of pampering but sometimes our bodies and our brains need a complete change of pace, a place to de-compress from our busy schedules, in a location where time seems to last longer or has stopped altogether. When we need one of those […]

Totally Spain’s Guide to the Most Impressive Spanish Paradores

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Sore feet and tired legs. That’s what many of us end up with after a day’s sightseeing. That’s why it’s so important to pick a great hotel to recover from pavement pounding. And if that hotel is a historic landmark in the city centre or with a great view of an iconic landmark, those aches […]

Totally Bodegas – Which are the Best Wineries in Spain to Visit?

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It’s no wonder we are obsessed about wine here at Totally Spain. Spain is the world’s largest producer of wine and the country with the largest number of vineyards in the world – a whopping 13 percent of the world’s vineyards are on Spanish soil. We love telling our clients that after cereals and olives, […]

The Best Plazas in Spain – Spectacular Spaces to Experience the Spanish Way of Life

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If there’s one place you need to visit in every Spanish town, it’s the main square often called the Plaza Mayor. Traditionally it’s where bullfights took place and it was often the location for outdoor foodmarkets and theatres too. Today it’s all about the tables and the people and the activities in the square.

Totally Spain’s Guide to the Most Spectacular Driving Routes in Spain

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Nothing says holidays more than a car, a suitcase, sunglasses, and the open road. And here in Spain, we have a wonderful road infrastructure including shiny new three-lane highways that get you out of the cities and plenty of those romantic rural roads that snake around the mountain ridges and coastal cliffs.

On the […]