queue line Barcelona Gaudi pre-book Spain

Totally Spain’s Advice for Pre-booking Top Museums & Monuments in Spain

Travelling to Spain and want to avoid queuing for the big attractions? If the 68.1 million tourists who came to Spain in 2015 seem like a lot of people, the numbers for 2016 rose even higher to a whopping 75.3m. If you want to visit the big attractions, here at Totally Spain, we highly recommend you pre-book your tickets. It’s part of what we’ve been doing for our clients since we started our back in the year 2000. Below are the real pressure points amongst Spain’s Top Museums and Monuments where you’ll absolutely have to pre-book to avoid long waits:-

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Top 10 Monuments Spain 2014

Travel Spain’s Top 10 Attractions

Planning your Spain vacation but can’t decide what to visit? We have rounded up the best videos of Spain’s top 10 most visited monuments and attractions to tempt you. Because if a picture paints a thousand words, then a great video with a moving soundtrack, does that and so much more. And that might help you decide the types of monuments and museums you want to include in your trip!

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park quell in barcelona

Is it worth paying to see Gaudí’s Park Guell in Barcelona?

Park Guell in Barcelona has been charging an entrance fee since 2013 in a bid to restrict access and conserve the most iconic sections of the park. Most people working in tourism think it was the only solution to the overcrowding at this popular location. Here at Totally Spain (we’re a Spain-based travel agent and specialist in custom travel to Spain since 2000), we agree with the fee. We think the park is well worth the entry price of 7 EUR but have a look for yourself and see whether you agree with us. (The entry fee is waived for local residents who have footed the maintenance bills since it opened as a a public park in the 1920s.)

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Cave art Cantabria Northern Spain

Are the Cantabrian Cave Paintings in Northern Spain the oldest art in Europe?

There are plenty reasons to visit the Northern coast of Spain and one of the most popular is to see the famous Cantabrian cave paintings. Cave art has been discovered at 41 different sites here and six of the ten UNESCO-listed caves containing art are open to the public. Being based here in Cantabria, they are literally on our doorstep and we love visiting them. We also enjoy creating itineraries for our Totally Spain clients exploring the North of Spain. Everybody who visits the cave art is moved. And yes – almost everybody agrees that the paintings constitute the oldest art in Europe.

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