easter processions in Spain

The Passion, Tradition & Drama of Semana Santa in Spain

With thousands of events taking place across Spain during Easter Week or Semana Santa as it’s called here, you can catch some of the ancient celebrations almost everywhere. Each procession is unique and packed with ceremony and tradition that everybody should witness at least once in their lives. Here at Totally Spain, we’ve been planning custom itineraries into Spain since the year 2000, so if you’d like to experience a Spanish Easter, we’d love to help. Let’s start by showing you what happens and where…

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totally spain 2014 make the perfect paella

Totally Spain’s Ultimate Guide to Real Spanish Paella

Paella is one of the most popular dishes inside Spain and is always on the menu in Spanish tapas bars and restaurants abroad. The name ‘paella’ (pronounced pa-eya) is the old Valencian word for the flat frying pan used to prepare the dish. Today it’s often prepared with seafood but it started out as a very humble affair when it was first prepared in Valencia, the major rice-growing area in Spain as a cheap and convenient meal for the workers in the rice fields. You don’t have to travel to the Valencian countryside to taste this dish today – although we have done just that ourselves and adored the paella there. If you are looking for authentic paella, here’s what this Spain-based travel specialist thinks you should be aware of:-

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