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Totally Spain’s Guide to Useful Apps for Travelling in Spain

Here at Totally Spain, we’ve been customising trips for over 16 years and we’re big fans of paper maps, physical guide books and lots of reference reading material. That is why we give all of our clients their own custom documentation pack full of useful information for their trip.  But we also love the amazing travel info & advice available from the ever-growing number of handy Apps. Why not check out our favourites and download them before you begin your trip to Spain?

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Totally Spain’s Guide to Christmas in Spain

As travel specialists based in Spain, we receive lots of requests for Christmas packages. When responding, we always explain that the holiday season in Spain is a marathon-like event with no less than a whopping five days of full-on celebration over the two weeks of Christmas. The five key holiday dates are Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 31, Jan 1 and Jan 6. Bars and restaurants are open on most of these days but shops, museums and other businesses and attractions could be shut on the afternoon of Dec 24, all day on Dec 25, the afternoon of Dec 31, all day Jan 1 and all day on Jan 6. If you are thinking about visiting Spain to see how the Spanish celebrate Christmas, here are some of the traditions we enjoy ourselves and think you should factor into your trip…

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Totally Spain’s Practical Guide of What to Pack for Spain

We’ve just come off the phone from a client asking what to pack for Spain. It’s something we are often asked – usually with the subtext of how the person can avoid looking like a tourist. While we don’t think that everybody should look the same (how boring would that be!) here’s our guide to dressing in Spain with a few Do’s and Don’t to consider when packing. Living and working in Spain (Totally Spain is Spain-based travel agent and specialist in custom travel to Spain since 2000), rest assured that we speak from experience.

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How to Understand Spanish Tipping & Gratuities – Just When Do You Tip in Spain?

Along with mealtimes in Spain, the topic of tipping and gratuities is one question that we often get asked about by our clients. It’s a tricky subject. While the Spanish are not big tippers per se, it is true that the tipping culture has come to Spain. That said, gratuities are not expected. It is certainly not a legal requirement to tip. People working in the Spanish hospitality sector are usually full-time employees and are paid a salary for the work they do. But if you come from a country where tipping is customary and you are travelling in the more touristic areas of Spain, you certainly won’t be insulting anybody by leaving a tip. Living and working here in Spain as we do (Totally Spain is Spain-based travel agent and specialist in custom travel to Spain since 2000), we’ve put together some concrete examples of when you should or shouldn’t tip in Spain below.

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