Shhhh. Totally Spain is getting a new website in the next few weeks…

Spain Puerta de Sol Madrid bear

We’re celebrating our 15th birthday this year and are launching a new website to celebrate.

Totally Spain is celebrating 15 years in business in 2015. Photo credit: Creative Commons Birthday Cake and Candles via photopin (license)

We’ve been busy preparing fresh content and testing the new site since Christmas and we can’t wait to […]

Totally Spain thrilled to win the Great Wine Capitals guest blogger contest 2014

Ken Baldwin Totally Spain Great Wine Capitals GWC Rioja

At Totally Spain we admire the work of the Great Wine Capitals Network (GWC) and have entered its Guest Bloggers Program competition for the past two years. Last year was the first year and we were very proud to have our entry included but alas no joy. This year, we entered again. And we WON!


How to plan a Spain vacation with insider help from a Spain tour operator

totally spain tour operator matador hands madrid

Planning a trip to Spain?

Want some help from a Spain tour operator?

Take a look at the questions we at Totally Spain put to our clients when working on an itinerary. It might help you identify what you want to do, see and experience in Spain. And we’ve also provided below a checklist, to […]

Might Cantabria in Spain be the Spanish California? At Totally Spain we think so…

Totally Spain California Cantabria surfing coast

Huh? I hear you say. What’s all this about and where is it going? Well, just bear with me for a minute. By the way I’m Ken Baldwin, one of the founders of Totally Spain.

Surfing in Liencres, Cantabria. photo credit: Dani_vr via photopin cc

Totally Spain is a Spain travel specialist and our […]

Do Something Out of the Ordinary with our Really Creative Spanish Itineraries

Totally Spain 2014 creative itineraries Camino de Santiago

Ever noticed how people from Spain usually talk about their own region rather than the country as a whole? It’s because Spain is a very diverse country and the geography, landscape, climate and even the language changes from region to region. It’s part of what makes a trip here so exciting.

But because of the […]