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Spain & Portugal for Baby Boomers & Mature Travellers with Totally Spain

Today’s post is not about a place in Spain we want you to visit. And we’re not giving you any travel tips either. Today we are writing about the brilliant mature and active travellers we work with every day. It’s our way of showing our appreciation and why not, maybe it’ll help us to reach and connect with more baby boomers looking to explore Spain and Portugal. Continue reading

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How to plan a Spain vacation with insider help from a Spain tour operator

Planning a trip to Spain? Want some help from a Spain tour operator? Take a look at the questions we at Totally Spain put to our clients when working on an itinerary. It might help you identify what you want to do, see and experience in Spain. And we also provide a checklist, to make sure you only book with an experienced company that cares about you, your likes and dislikes, and the type of Spain trip you want to take.

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Might Cantabria in Spain be the Spanish California? At Totally Spain we think so…

Huh? I hear you say. What’s all this about and where is it going? Well, just bear with me for a minute. By the way I’m Ken Baldwin, one of the founders of Totally Spain. We are a Spain travel specialist and our headquarters is in Northern Spain in the region of Cantabria. It’s an area that we chose to settle in and which we love. It’s also a part of Spain that always exceeds our client’s expectations.

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Totally Spain 2014 creative itineraries Camino de Santiago

Do Something Out of the Ordinary with our Really Creative Spanish Itineraries

Ever noticed how people from Spain usually talk about their own region rather than the country as a whole? It’s because Spain is a very diverse country and the geography, landscape, climate and even the language changes from region to region. It’s part of what makes a trip here so exciting. Many clients think they have to choose one part of Spain to visit. But they’re wrong! They don’t have to choose between the the gastronomy, winery and pilgrimage trips in the North, the Moorish architecture, sherry tastings and skiing in the South and the Dalí, Gaudí, paella and Calatrava sights of the North East and East. They can have it all!

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How to Book the Perfect Honeymoon in Spain

We love what Candy Bigwood posted on her Pinterest board about where attracted her “visually” when planning her HONEYMOON to SPAIN arranged by Totally Spain. We know that finding the perfect location for a honeymoon is a huge decision and we found Candy’s approach quite unique. Also the beautiful images from the locations she and her husband visited last year, it has to be said, are truly inspiring. Continue reading