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Propose in Spain – Best Places to Get Engaged

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If you are researching stunning places to propose to your other half, look no further. Spain is so diverse, we know we have the perfect location for you and your partner. We’ve organised lots of romantic breaks in Spain, not to mention weddings and honeymoons so we know a thing or two about planning special moments. Living and working here in Spain as we do (Totally Spain is a Spain-based travel agent and specialist in custom travel to Spain since 2000), we’ve pulled together some of our favourite places where we think would be ideal to pop the question in Spain below.

Propose in Spain – Best Places to Pop the Question

We are regularly asked where is the most romantic place in Spain? There’s a long and a short answer to that question and the short one is San Sebastian where we have arranged a number of really special weekends. But we find the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville are also amazing locations to propose in Spain. If you haven’t already read our guide on Romantic Breaks in Spain, check it out now.

romantic Spain

One of you thinks it’s a romantic weekend away in Spain. The other knows there’s a bit more to it than that! photo credit: via photopin (license)

How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Proposal

Before we give you our top locations for wedding proposals, as you look through the options, try to think which is the place you’d want to return to sometime in the future. You might not return until your 10th wedding anniversary or even your 40th but make sure it’s a location that you want to see again. If you can’t picture yourself in a few decades time enjoying a glass of bubbly and chuckling at how the proposal went all those years ago, it’s not the right place.

1 A Proposal in Madrid

Dazzling Views of Madrid – 30 floors up!

The advantage of choosing Madrid is that it’s easy to fly into and the climate is very dry. There are many romantic locations to choose from but if you are going for the ‘ring over dinner’ proposal we recommend the Restaurante Volvoreta which is located in the 30th storey of the Eurostars Madrid Tower. Volvoreta means Butterfly in Galician – and the name is apt considering the views – you’ll love the ceiling of the restaurant which is painted in red butterflies by Nina Boy. The cuisine is Mediterranean and the wine list is extensive and includes top-class champagnes and cavas. We can arrange a table with views of the entire city and the rest is up to you.

Romantic Spain

Inspirational views 30 storeys high at Madrid’s Volvoreta Restaurant. Pic: Eurostars Madrid Tower

Views from Inside Madrid’s Old Quarter in a Hip Madrid Venue

If you prefer to be part of the skyline rather than looking at it from a distance, you’ve got to pick The Roof at ME Hotel Madrid, located on the Plaza Santa Ana. You can pre-book at table for dinner on the Roof but you can also book just for drinks. Eat in the plaza below and when you are ready to pop the question, head up to the roof terrace. Have your pre-booked bottle of champagne opened and then – surrounded by the spectacular views – you can get down on your knee. Timing is everything as this is a busy bar with live music so to make sure you aren’t shouting your proposal – get it in early and then rock on with the love of your life. Make sure you book as this venue is often closed for private events. Note that there is a entry fee if you are not staying at this hotel. To read more about what to see and do in Madrid, click here.

romantic Spain

The roof terrace overlooking Plaza Santa Ana in ME Madrid Reina Victoria is another fab location for a proposal! Pic: Meliá Hotels

2 A Proposal in Barcelona

Five-Star Luxury with Views of Gaudi’s Architecture

Barcelona is another great proposal destination. Served by hundreds of airlines, it is one of Europe’s most popular city breaks. If pampering is what you and your partner live for – the poolside roof terrace of the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona is what you are after for your proposal. The terrace has amazing views of the city and Gaudi’s wonderful architecture. Book a room with a view and upgrade to a suite with views of the Sagrada Familia if your budget permits, program in a session in the Spa, then change for dinner at the Condal restaurant before ordering some champagne for the roof top bar. Of course – as with any of these options, you can opt for a daytime proposal. Do make sure to double check with the hotel as they do run brunch parties with DJs in the afternoons.

proposing in spain barcelona majestic

The poolside roof terrace at the five-star Hotel Majestic is right up there among the best places to propose in Spain. Pic:

A Feat of Engineering with Great Views of Barcelona

If you are more into iconic structures, then you’ll definitely want to consider the Terra Alta restaurant inside the Cable Car Tower build in 1929. Imagine yourself enjoying a delicious tasting menu 75 metres up from the beach with 360 degree views of the city. This really is a unique location as you’ll realise when you take the elevator up to the restaurant. The views of the city are truly amazing. If you are both good with heights, you may even choose to take the cable car ahead of your dinner reservation. The menu is Mediterranean with a great range of wines and champagnes to choose from. After you have popped the question, grab a cab into the city centre or if you want somewhere more soulful, enjoy a walk along Barceloneta beach. Perfect for anybody with an interest in history, architecture and engineering. Read more about Gaudi’s Barcelona and What to Do in BCN City in 48 hours.

romantic Spain

The views from the Torre Teleferic Port Vell Restaurant are 100 percent worthy of a proposal. Pic:

3 A Proposal in Seville

Propose in Spain with Seville’s Gothic Cathedral as a Backdrop

The roof terrace of Seville’s EME Cathedral Hotel, a modern and sleek boutique hotel, offers amazing views of Seville’s gothic cathedral which is located just across the street. The cathedral is one of the most famous of Spain’s churches and the choice among high society for weddings. The hotel’s roof terrace is regularly used by film crews and TV stations for shooting the Seville skyline and is very popular during Semana Santa for its views of the processions. We would recommend you choose a quiet weekend in Seville for your proposal. Fly in early and spend the morning in the Alcazar (Game of Thrones fans will recognise this place), enjoy a lazy lunch in one of the many stunning squares of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, take a guided tour of the cathedral and climb the Giralda. When the sun is beginning to set, take up your reserved table at the hotel’s roof terrace and pop the question.

Romantic Spain

All that’s missing from this rooftop in Seville is you and your partner and a bottle of bubbly! Everything else is perfect! Pic:

4 A Proposal in San Sebastian

World-Class Gastronomy & Romantic Views of the Northern Coast

We recommend a tapas-tour in the morning where you get to explore this city famous for its pintxos and miniature dining. Talk a walk up Monte Igueldo in the afternoon and come back down to the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra for the evening to enjoy an evening meal with a view of the Concha beach. Close the evening with a proposal while you the enjoy the best views of the Concha Bay at sunset. Enjoy the glow of happiness as the city lights flicker and you celebrate your big decision together. Read more about the city here.

places to propose in spain

Watch the sunset on San Sebastian’s Concha beach from your terrace at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra. Pic:

5 A Proposal in Extremadura

Down on Your Knee in a Valley of Cherry Blossom

Perfect for a Spring proposal – the blossom is in full bloom from the end of March (these dates are weather dependent) but you can even visit a bit earlier if you want to see the blossom budding. This is a perfect trip for a self-drive holiday. Book into one of the many wonderful Paradores in the area (Zafra, Jarandilla de la Vera, Plasencia, Guadelupe, Trujillo and Caceres). Rather than proposing in the hotel, we’d recommend packing a picnic (freshly baked rolls, local cured meats include the Jamon de Dehesa, Torta del Casar cheese, with a bottle of wine and some strawberries) and proposing amongst the cherry blossom in the Jerte Valley. On your return to the Parador, enjoy champagne & chocolates on your arrival. Retire to your room to change and celebrate with the chef’s tasting menu in the restaurant. If you’ve not familiar with Extremadura, read our guide on this amazing region.

romantic Spain

If you are looking for more of a rustic setting, how about proposing amongst the cherry blossom in Jerte Valley? Pic:

6 A Proposal in Granada

Let Granada’s Moorish Palace Do the Talking

The Alhambra is Spain’s most visited monument and with good reason. It is a spectacular UNESCO World-Heritage site that never fails to amaze. We recommend flying into Malaga and driving to Granada. Check into the Parador which is on the site of the Alhambra and take a guided tour of the city including the Albaicin neighbourhood and the Alhambra itself. Book the table on the Parador’s terrace with a view of the Alhambra and pop the question. If you’d rather propose away from the hotel, we can transfer you to the San Nicolas viewing point (5km away) where you can take in the beautiful vistas of the Alhambra from the other side of the city. Propose there and return to the Parador to your views of the Generalife Gardens and a well-earned champagne evening meal and a Spanish guitar playing in the background. Read our guide to the Alhambra here.

romantic Spain

Whatever angle you look at it from, the Alhambra is a tremendous sight. Pic: Pepe Marin/Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife

7 A Proposal in the Picos de Europa

Soaring the Northern Heights

There’s a swathe of romantic sites to choose from near the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain. We love taking the cable car at Fuente De and adore the views from the viewing point at the top. Fly into Santander and hire a car to take you in less than 2 hours to the Picos. Enjoy a hike in the morning and in the afternoon, hop on the cable car and propose from the top. Celebrate the engagement by staying at the Hotel del Oso nearby or drive back to the coastline and dine at Annua Restauant in San Vicente de la Barquera. If you think a cable car is not a runner, you’ll prefer the Mirador del Fitu (Fito Viewing Point) located in Arriondas which is an hour from Oviedo. It dates back to 1927 so you can bet there’s been a proposal or two here. When you’re on the viewing point you can see the Cantabrian sea as well as the Picos de Europa mountain range – amazing views for an amazing moment. To learn more about Cantabria, click here and read our guide to Michelin-star dining in Cantabria also.

where to propose in Spain

Take the cable car from Fuente De and while one of you is distracted by the spectacular views, the other can clear his or her throat and start the speech! Pic:

8 A Proposal in Salamanca

Creating a Fairytale Moment in a Spanish Castle

If you think nothing less than a castle is good enough for a proposal – you’ll be pleased to know that Spain has many castles and fortresses. We recommend the Real Castillo del Buen Amor Salamanca which is just 25km from the oldest university city in Spain and 2hr 30 by car from Madrid. We know you’ll both find this astonishing castle is perfect for romantic weekend. We recommend you spend the morning sightseeing in the golden-hued city of Salamanca. When you return to your castle, enjoy champagne and strawberries in your suite. There are so many locations at the castle where you can propose – you can take a walk amongst the vines, go up to the tower, find a quiet section of the courtyard – wherever you choose, you can both celebrate over dinner in the wonderfully atmospheric restaurant. If you really like the castle concept – check out our guide to the Castles and Alcazars in Spain too.

Romantic Spain

Is there anywhere more romantic than a castle? This Posada in Salamanca really pulls out all the stops when it comes to a romantic weekend. Pic:

Pro-Tip 1: Choose the Perfect Place for the Perfect Proposal in Spain

Wherever you choose to pop the question, make sure you select somewhere unique personal. We always try to find somewhere the travellers or the couple, in this case, will personally connect with. If the couple has a shared hobby or occupation e.g. if they both love eating out or work in the food sector, we might recommend a tasting menu at the top winery restaurant in La Rioja or a Michelin-star meal in San Sebastian. Keen gardeners might be guided towards the romance of the Alhambra in Granada. Fans of the great outdoors might be encouraged to propose amongst the cherry blossom in the Jerte Valley. When you get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself and your partner – we’ll be able to guide you.

Pro-Tip 2: Think about the Date for the Perfect Proposal in Spain

Nobody knows your partner like you do – you are the best person to decide when it should happen. Sometimes it’s great to choose a person’s birthday but we love proposals that have an element of surprise and sometime that’s not the case when you pick a date such as a birthday or anniversary. As custom trip designers, we prefer when the couple’s interests and the location dictate the time of year – for example if you both like hiking, a Spring or Autumn proposal makes perfect sense in Southern Spain – we might recommend the Picos de Europa for a Summer proposal. If you both love hot weather and beach holidays, go for a June proposal in Andalusia – if you are travelling in July perhaps the Northern Spanish Coast is better. If you are both fans of Gaudi’s architecture, nothing but a proposal in Barcelona – we would recommend one of the off-peak months when the monuments are less crowded.

romantic Spain

Picking the right person is your job. We can help with all the rest…photo credit: That special moment via photopin (license)

Pro-Tip 3 What To Tell Your Partner Before The Trip

Let’s imagine that you’ve decided that Spain is the place for your proposal and you have booked your flights. Unless you are planning to propose to your partner on the plane, you need to arrange something for the first few hours otherwise you’ll attract suspicion. We can help plan an itinerary that sits well with what you both enjoy – and if needs be – we can produce an itinerary document with a few ‘fibs’ here and there for you to give to your loved one so s/he doesn’t get a sense of what you are actually planning.

Pro-Tip 4 The All Important Packing

Whatever stories you invent for your loved one before travelling – do mention the fact that there will be a posh or glamorous meal and make sure your better half packs something nice to wear – you probably won’t be thanked for being proposed to in trainers! Read our guide on What To Pack for Spain and check out our Travel Checklist also.

Pro-Tip 5 The Timing of the Proposal

You will probably want to pop the question towards the beginning of the trip – unless you have nerves made of steel. And if you are carrying around a ring to propose, chances are, it’s safer being worn, rather than in your jeans pocket or backpack. Remember to take out travel insurance by the way! If you are just making a weekend of it – we’d recommend you fly over on the Friday morning and schedule the proposal for that evening so you both get all day Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the happiness of the moment before flying back to reality on Sunday evening. (NB You might want to check out your mobile phone roaming packages before you travel as you probably want to make a few calls from Spain– check out our guide on mobile wifi)

romantic Spain

Yes – a short word but a very important one! photo credit: Promise via photopin (license)

Pro-Tip 6 Customise the Proposal

If you have thought of anything that could make the moment even more memorable, don’t keep it to yourself! We can work with the location to put in place whatever you need to make that moment special. Whether that’s a guitarist playing a track you both love, a dozen red roses with your favourite champagne, a bottle of wine from the year s/he was born, a framed photo of his/her parents with their thumbs up (in agreement) or just simply a word to the kitchen to prepare a dessert that can prop up a box with the engagement ring. We can also arrange a pampering session for either or both of you in the lead-up to the proposal if you think your partner would appreciate looking extra special for the big moment. We can even call in a photographer to capture the moment of (or just after the proposal), if you think that would be appreciated. We can work through these details with you in advance so that, on the day, you don’t have to think about anything else other than your nerves.



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