travelling spain for a month

Travelling Spain for a Month – All You Need to Know

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Here at Totally Spain, we’ve been planning custom Spain & Portugal itineraries since the year 2000. More and more of our individual clients are taking much longer trips – anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks – and this is when we really get a chance to flex our muscles and get our creative juices flowing. To help you visualise just what you can (or can’t) squeeze in when travelling Spain for a month, here’s our insider advice to help you make that trip come true.

Insider Advice on Travelling Spain for a Month

Spain means a lot of different things to different people but the only thing we all agree on is that it’s quite a big and diverse country so you need to plan before you travel to make the most of your trip.

travelling spain for a month

Most of us have an image of Andalusia in our minds when we first think of Spain but there are hundreds of backdrops that you many also be familiar with. photo credit: Jack Zalium Plaza de España Side via photopin (license)

1 Not sure what to see in Spain? Whet your appetite with these inspirational posts!

travelling spain for a month

Do you see yourself on Spain’s highways and byways? photo credit: Armando G Alonso ✈︎ Let’s start the summer road trip! via photopin (license)

2 Getting Around Spain – Driving or Travelling by Public Transport?

A month is quite a long time to visit. Do you want to hire a car for some of your time? These posts will help you decide!

travelling spain for a month

A month gives you lots of time to see all the top attractions. photo credit: aaamsss Parc Guell via photopin (license)

3 How much of Spain can you actually see in a month? Quite a lot actually!

It depends on a number of factors but with 4 full weeks, you can do as much as this:-

travelling Spain for a month

Who are you travelling with? Are there any mobility issues or other factors to think about when looking at where to visit? photo credit: jaumescar Madrid via photopin (license)

4 Who Is Travelling With You?

Before developing an itinerary, you need to think about your travelling party’s demographics, fitness and knowledge by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is this your first time in Spain (or the first time for the majority of your group)?
  • What is the general health and mobility level of the group? e.g. Can everybody stand around tapas bars or will you need a pre-booked table?
  • Is this a multi-generational group? Are there buggies, child seats, early bedtimes and babysitting to factor in?
  • Where does the group come from? For example, if you live on the sunny coast in California, you may not be so interested in spending time on the coast.
  • What are your interests? If you work in the wine business or food trade, you may be really interested in meeting people working in similar businesses here (or not)!
  • Where are you all flying in from? Will some or all of you need to factor in a day’s relaxation after the flight?
  • Will you be up early or out late at night?
travelling spain for a month

How much of your trip to you want organised in advance? Would you like to have daily restaurant reservations made for you? photo credit: svet DSC_2427 via photopin (license)

5 The Intensity of the Trip in Spain

Not only does it help hugely when everybody outlines the pace they want for a trip well in advance, it’s also important for you to understand people’s expectations when it comes to expert guides and bespoke services in each place. Do you think your travelling party will want:

  • transfers booked from airport/train stations to hotels
  • tour with a private guide in every new city
  • tour with a private guide in the large cities only
  • places booked on group tours in the large cities
  • Tables reserved in advance everywhere you go (good for restricted mobility and large groups)
  • Meals pre-booked before you travel (very handy for meat-free/dairy-free/gluten-free/kosher meals)
  • all of the above
  • none of the above

BTW there’s no right or wrong answers here. You just need to reflect on how you (and your group) like to travel…

travelling spain for a month

If you need a fix of caffeine in your hotel room, be up front about it when booking or you’ll find yourself coming down to the lobby or the nearest coffee house. Read some of the other bugbears below. photo credit: Premshree Pillai Cortado @ Animal Coffee Bar via photopin (license)

6 Hotels/Accommodation in Spain

If you are booking (or have us doing the planning) at least six months in advance, you can really get good deals and can even try for upgrades and discounts – especially for the quieter nights. But before you look at booking anything, it really pays to understand how hotels work here. Check out our advice on:

travelling spain for a month

It might be Spain’s most famous dish but do you know how to order a great paella (and avoid a terrible one?) photo credit: BWCK Photography Paella via photopin (license)

7 Food in Spain

Spain’s gastronomy is a hugely important part of any trip here. If you can do a little research before you travel, you’ll really get so much more from your trip. We’ve covered all you need to know here. You don’t have to read them all, of course, but do try to read the ones that apply to you and your group…

travelling spain for a month

Frank Gehry’s architecture in La Rioja. All that’s missing is you, with your glass of wine! photo credit: Wojtek Gurak Marqués de Riscal via photopin (license)

8 Wine & Wineries in Spain

Not only is the wine wonderful here in Spain but the wineries are equally spectacular. We urge everybody to visit at least one winery in Spain – but which one is the right one for you?

travelling spain for a month

Castles, plazas, churches or parks? What are the aspects of Spain you want to delve into? photo credit: luipermom 150710_190052 via photopin (license)

9 Doing it Differently by Adding a Theme to your Itinerary in Spain

We love adding layers to our itineraries with themes that mean something extra special to the visiting family or group. Would any of these themes mean a lot to your group?

travelling in Spain for a month

Would you like to be escorted around the local market by your chef to shop for ingredients and then go back to their kitchen and help prepare the best tasting lunch ever? photo credit: 16:9clue El Mercado :-) via photopin (license)

10 Breaking the Ice and Getting Stuck in – Handy Activities While Travelling in Spain

Whether you are travelling solo or in Spain with the kids, in-laws or members of your historical society, there’s nothing like an activity to get everybody mingling and happy. Would one of these activities suit your group?

travelling spain for a month

Will you be celebrating an important moment while you are here? photo credit: La_Signo via photopin (license)

11 Romance in the Air?

If you are taking this trip to celebrate a special landmark or anniversary, or want to pop the big question (or even relax after the wedding), we have lots of ideas for you here:

travelling spain for a month

Fancy nipping over to Lisbon for a few nights? photo credit: Stuck in Customs Beautiful Lisbon, Portugal via photopin (license)

12 Wild Cards for Your Trip

Want to make this trip even more unique? Why not add on some time in:

travelling spain for a month

Before you get to the airport, do a little homework… photo credit: Son of Groucho Madrid Airport 1 via photopin (license)

13 Advice & Tips to Read Before You Leave Home

Don’t make the mistake of arriving into Spain ill-prepared. Here’s what you should be reading one month before you fly!

14 And know what to bring back home with you…

All you need to know about great gifts and shopping in Spain:

Thanks for reading and we really hope our advice helps you plan and enjoy your time in Spain!



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