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Why book your trip through a travel advisor in this day and age, you might be asking yourself? Here at Totally Spain, we’ve been creating dream custom itineraries for independently-minded travellers to Spain & Portugal since the year 2000 and here are 18 ways Totally Spain can make a massive difference to your trip:-

Book your trip with us to Spain & Portugal!

1 You avoid the time-consuming research BEFORE you travel

Inspired by the interest in Bilbao’s Guggenheim, we founded Totally Spain in Northern Spain in the year 2000 and we’ve been booking expertly-designed, non-touristy, high-end trips for clients ever since. We’re not a booking engine that churns out trips. We’re a team of expert travel planners resident in Spain who know Spain & Portugal intimately having spent countless hours on the road here both for work and for please. Insider knowledge counts in the big cities and also in the smaller boutique destinations. Why not save yourself a lot of time researching, and tap into our two decades of expertise?

2 You save time when you’re ON your trip

Because we pre-book the key sights, you never have to stand in a line. Because we anticipate busy places and busy days, you never get stuck in airports or traffic. Because we recommend fantastic tapas bars and restaurants, you never have to waste time on wandering around trying to find somewhere decent to eat. Don’t you want to enjoy your time on vacation – rather than spend your time researching what to do?

3 You know we are HERE on the ground in Spain

Totally Spain’s headquarters are here in Northern Spain. Not only do we ‘speak the lingo’ and live here with our families, we are constantly developing meaningful relationships with new hoteliers, restauranteurs, private guides, drivers, activity organisers and more – which means our tailor-made itineraries are always evolving. And clients love having us in their time zone while they travel. They know it’s easier to make a tweak to an itinerary when we are nearby.

4 You have only ONE point of contact from start to finish

You know what it’s like when you book everything yourself. You’ve got multiple emails from the car hire people. Tons of emails from each hotel. You can’t find the pdf with the tickets to the Prado. And you wish you had time to research tickets to a wine-tasting but you’ve run out of time. If you book with Totally Spain, you will only ever have one person to deal with for everything. And we mean everything. [Hotels, restaurants, car-hire, rail tickets, drivers, food tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, city tours, museum tours, flamenco shows, jazz concerts and anything else you can think of.] You only need to remember one name and keep track of one email address. How easy is that? Everything else is sent to you in a handy pack before you travel and if it needs to be replaced we can email or courier it to your hotel.

5 We can answer all your questions – WHENEVER they need answering

Want to know about Spain’s unmissable dishes, the best travel apps, where to shop and what to tip in Portugal? Nothing is too much trouble for us. If you have a question or a request, we’re here to answer it for you. Chances are we’ve even published something about it here on our Totally Spain Travel blog.

6 You get our UNDIVIDED attention 100% of the time

When you book a trip with us, you know you get our undivided attention. We don’t do anything else and we don’t handle trips for anybody else. We don’t sell property. We don’t own hotels. We’re not driving around the countryside in a camper-van. We only plan custom trips. And we do it 24 x 7 x 365.

book your trip

Catherine explains why she liked booking with Totally Spain

7 You’ll benefit from the BEST contacts in the Business

There is no better way to get a sense of a place than by meeting up with a local expert – and we make sure we have the best experts on our books for every destination. It’s one of the reasons clients say they return to us – they cherish experiencing places with our guides and drivers – who don’t just enlighten you about the destination, but they also offer wonderfully personal insights into living in Spain & Portugal – which makes the experience stay with you for so much longer.

8 You get 100% FLEXIBILITY

You get to choose the places, dates and everything else. We customise the trip that you want. If you want to start on a Monday and leave on a Thursday – that’s perfect. We will obviously advise you on where is best to be on any given day – but we’re not stuck to any schedule or dates that will impact on your treasured time.

9 You’ll appreciate how we INNOVATE with our amazingly creative itineraries

Although it’s much more time intensive, we always create new meaningful and authentic trips for each and every client – there’s no copy & paste in our line of work. We always add in extra creative elements that personalise the trip. For example, we love encouraging our clients to try out their hobbies here – whether that’s cooking, horse-riding, biking or painting. And when we have themed-tours, we really go to town (check out our architecture, winery and gardening themed trips). How do we customise? We ask you about your hobbies, interests and familiarity with Spain & Portugal from the get-go (as you can see in this list of prompting questions). Armed with lots of info, we hit our extensive contacts database to create a highly-tailored completely unique experience. Get in touch and we’ll show you just what we mean.

10 Whatever might seem COMPLEX to you is a walk in the park, for us

Is everybody in your group arriving from a different location and on a different day? Are some splitting off on separate sub-trips? Any dietary requirements, mobility issues and multi-generational dimensions to factor in? Nothing phases us when it comes to travel planning – we’ve planned for every special interest group and family dynamic imaginable over the past two decades. And because we like to work 3-6 months in advance – we can provide solutions to potential complications that you won’t even have considered. All that matters to us is that you experience Spain and Portugal as you want, stress-free.

11 You Get GREAT SERVICE which isn’t always a sure thing

Spain doesn’t always come out on top when it comes to great customer service (Portugal is much better in this regard). We can’t change Spain’s culture but we can make sure to only work with hotels, guides and drivers that provide great customer service and go the extra mile. And because we treat our service providers so well, our clients are fast-tracked and given special service whenever possible. Our clients always commend us on this.

12 ENGLISH matters to us as much as it matters to you

Language fluency is another area that can impact negatively on any trip to Spain and Portugal. Not only are we fluent English speakers but when you travel with us, you’ll also interact comfortably with all our service providers because we know a great day out often depends on the rapport you have with your private guide, concierge or driver. Of course, if you are travelling here to improve your Spanish, let us know and we’ll book you with guides and drivers that won’t speak any English with you ; )

13 Even when there’s a hiccup in the trip, you enjoy SMOOTH travel

Flight* cancelled? A member of the group has to delay their arrival? Locked your passport in the hotel safe and left it behind? We have handled all these hiccups and more over the years. Rest assured that you can easily contact us and we’ll sort it out. That’s stress free, smooth travel. (*Totally Spain does not make flight bookings)

book your trip

Another happy client, Cathi, describing her fairytale holiday experience on a trip with Totally Spain.

14 We LOVE LOVE LOVE designing for special occasions

Have a special event to celebrate while in Spain or Portugal? We’ve created really personalised wedding proposals, honeymoons, romantic getaways, anniversaries, birthdays and tracing of ancestral heritage. If you have a trip in mind that requires something a little bit special, get in touch – we’d love the opportunity to work with you and create an incredible trip.

15 Technology is great but PAPER is pretty handy too!

Nobody loves email, apps and SatNav as much as we do but there are times when pen and paper rock! Take our documentation packs, for example. How many agencies do you know that send out a detailed documentation pack to every client’s home before departure? Very few, we can tell you! Our pack features a Totally Spain city-guide for each location, and customised city maps. We put a physical ‘x’ where the client’s hotels are, and circle all the other important meeting points for that destination. We do the same for driving holidays and mark out the itinerary on a map. We also include a day-by-day written itinerary which details what’s happening when and provides all the contact information a client needs. We create this pack because it’s highly practical and helps ensure our clients have a smooth trip. They can easily find where they need to be, at a glance, and see who is meeting them throughout the day.

16 You enjoy great VALUE for money

We price every single trip for every single client so when you get a quote – it is for your trip – not somebody’s else trip last week or next year. And your quote factors in all the special rates, discounts, deals and upgrades which we know about because we’ve been doing this for so long. When you receive our quote, you can be confident that it’s always competitive and above all, great value for money. So, don’t be apprehensive about requesting a quote. Rest assured that we understand the importance of a satisfied client. We want you to travel with us again and to refer Totally Spain to your friends and family.

17 You’re booking with a FULLY Licensed and Registered Tour Operator

Totally Spain Limited is proud to be an independent family-run specialist in a travel industry of mergers and conglomerates. Totally Spain Limited is a licensed and bonded Spanish travel company which protects each of its clients by fulfilling every legal, financial and insurance obligation required under Spanish law for retail travel companies. Furthermore, each of our providers have been inspected and are approved by the relevant authorities.

18 You get a FREE Trip Quote

It can take a travel planner hours and sometimes days to prepare a quote – because, as we explained earlier, we like to price every single trip. And we do it for free – so you’ve absolutely nothing to lose by getting in touch and asking us to put together a quote for you…


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