Spanish Paradores with 1000 years of history

Spanish Parador Hotels with over 1000 years of history

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Spanish Parador Hotels in existence for more than a millenium

Spain is a country full of historical heritage. And part of it has been recovered by the state-owned company Paradores, which has obtained and reinvented many historical properties turning them into hotels distributed throughout the country. Of course, always endeavouring to preserve the original essence of the building. In total, there are 97 Spanish Parador hotels throughout Spain of differing styles and settings.

The Spanish Parador network of hotels (Paradores) were officially established in 1928 during the reign of King Alfonso XIII to give a boost to tourism: the first Spanish Parador was the one located in Gredos, but many of them are located in much older buildings, whether castles, monasteries or palaces from medieval times. Three of them stand out for having more than 1,000 years of history behind them:

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